Productbot AI Upgrade


As a valued member of our Productbot AI community and someone passionate about automating stages of the product development process, we have exciting news to share with you!

In our commitment to providing you with the best possible user experience, we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our latest version, V2. Improvements are based on the invaluable input we received during our beta phase. 

Our new version aims to help you organize your backlog based on user insights and company priorities & capture all sources of customer feedback in one place programmatically.

With the launch of V2 comes a significant change: the deprecation of Productbot V1. To facilitate a seamless transition, neither version will be accessible until the grand unveiling of V2.


Key Dates:

  • V1 has been deprecated as of February 20th, 2024
  • V2 is set to launch within the next the few weeks

What does this mean for you? A Fresh Start!

Prepare for a new and improved experience as Productbot V2 promises to be nearly a new adventure altogether. If you wish to transfer any of your previous chat history or documents to the new version, simply reach out via the chat and we’ll take care of it!


Next Steps:

  • Stay tuned for upcoming communications regarding our V2 launch.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, our support team is here to assist. Please send us a message using the chat on this page to connect further.

We understand that change can be challenging, but we believe these updates will greatly enhance your experience with our product. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


Best regards,

The Productbot AI Team